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About Us

LIT Biohazard and Trauma Cleaning Specialists
LIT Biohazard and Trauma Cleaning Kent and Essex


LIT Biohazard and Trauma Cleaning Specialists Kent Essex

My name is Lauren, and I am the owner and Director of  LIT Biohazard and Trauma Cleaning. 


We originally started out with domestic cleaning back in 2019. Since then, we have polished our skills along with our team and gained various types of knowledge through courses and training which enables us to offer a wide range of different services to cover all aspects of the cleaning industry.


One of which includes Bio-Hazardous Cleaning and Specialist services.


I have first-hand knowledge and understanding of mental health along with mental health First Aid. I believe we have the correct emotional intelligence to be able to sympathise with every situation we are met with and will always strive to help when and wherever possible.


Every job that is carried out is carried out with the very best of our ability and with the clients needs at the forefront every time, providing the correct aftercare when required.


We work with NHS discharge teams, community teams, and mental health hospitals, many charities, councils in different boroughs, local authorities and children and adult services, RSPCA, funeral directors and services for elderly people to name a few.


We transform properties with many specialist cleaning issues such as hoarding problems, including but not limited to dry, wet, data and animal hoarding. We clean following trauma and decomposition, unattended deaths, attempted suicides and industrial accidents. We are also trained to clean after fire and soot damage, toxic odours, extreme cleaning, mould issues, within the prison settings and so much more.


We pride ourselves on our very personal approach to cleaning properties, we can organise waste disposal (bio-hazardous and standard), locksmiths if the locks and doors have been damaged and need fixing, as well as replacing items which the occupants may need, such as bedding, a new mattress or new carpets throughout a property.


Myself and my team are incredibly passionate about helping those that find themselves in need of a specialist cleaning service. We understand no two jobs are the same and we treat people as individuals.


No task we have been met with has been problematic and we will always find a solution to help those in need.

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