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Biohazard & Trauma Cleaning


Hoarding Services

including Wet, Dry, Animal & Data

Hoarding is a mental health issue & many cannot help themselves with this problem. It sometimes takes a friend or family member to step in & address the issue, so the problem becomes real. Our team will remove any items that need to be removed this includes waste and large items, as well as making donations to charity on our client’s behalf. We work solely 1-1 with our clients to make sure all needs are met but most of all, ensuring our client’s needs are at the forefront at all times.

Contact us to see how we can help. All our staff hold Mental Health First Aid qualifications, we can assure you, you are in safe hands.


Mould Removal and Reseal

Mould is a category A health risk which is in the same category as Asbestos. As of the Summer of 2023 The AWAABS law in regard to mould issues in residential lettings is due to take effect. All landlords then by law must solve any mould issues within their properties.

Our team will remove mould and reseal, and where applicable repaint for the final finish.

We offer free surveys to test your properties.


Trauma and Unattended Death Clean-ups

Our team will respond after events such as accidents, unattended deaths, violent crimes, and suicides to devise a plan to safely remove bodily fluids, blood, and other potentially infectious materials from the property. With sensitivity in mind, we provide a custom solution to restore each location to pre-incident condition as quickly as possible.


Void Properties and Squats

Void property cleaning is specialist cleaning service tailored for vacated or void properties. When a property becomes abandoned or vacant by previous tenants or squatters, many times the properties can be left in an inhabitable state and require a thorough disinfection and deep cleaning.


Mental Health Crisis Cleaning

Mental health crisis cleaning takes trained professionals to carry out. A mental health crisis clean could range from helping alcohol dependant individuals, drug dependant individuals, victims of domestic abuse and many more. Cleaning is a form of stress relief, among other activities such as mindfulness and exercise practices. Research has demonstrated that cleaning can yield several positive effects on mental health.


Needle Sharps and Sweep, Drug Den Clean ups

Drug den clean-up refers to cleaning properties where drug use has taken place. This can include removing any hazardous materials, such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, and biohazards. It is important to note that drug den clean-ups are a specialised field, and must only be completed by professionals. Our trained team will remove and sanitise all areas to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the site or property.

LIT Biohazard and Trauma Cleaning Kent and Essex
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